Highly skilled clinical led crew education



Leaders in airline aviation health education

Aviation Health Academy provides high quality and informative education programs specifically tailored for cabin and flight crew in topics related to aviation health. We are seen as leaders in the development and delivery of aviation health education programs for airline crew.

Our experience

We have over 30 years experience in developing and delivering aviation health courses to both cabin and flight crew, we are highly experienced in conducting and reviewing inflight medical cases to assist with post incident medical debriefs for crew involved in onboard critical medical events. We have hands on clinical emergency medicine experience both on the ground and in a commercial aviation setting. We make training real for crew so they are well prepared.

Our Courses

Crew Aviation First Aid

This course is an online course which covers 3 years of IOSA and CASA Part 121 aviation medicine syllabus to ensure your crew undertake and complete all regulatory requirements for training. Our courses cover Crew Health, upline sickness and vaccinations as well as drug and alcohol awareness.

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Flight Crew Aviation Medicine Induction Course

This course is designed to provide pilots who are new to a commercial airline. Comprehensive orientation to aviation medicine, the aircraft environment, discusses medical kits and equipment carried on board as well as crew procedures, contact with ground based medical providers and other aspects of your aviation health programs such as drug and alcohol, crew health and vaccinations, sickness upline etc.

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